After spending almost two years recovering, the former Georgia forward finished his career.

“A lot of injuries have accumulated in recent years, and I made this decision. Even when I played, I went out on the field with injuries. I hoped that I would be able to fix it, but in the end I was not able to fully recover, ” says Viktor.

The main problem of Kolelishvili was concussions, which did not allow him to fully train and go on the field.

“I could still play, but in the event of another injury, I could be in a much worse situation. There was a war with ourselves, with desire and reality. Then I realized that I need to give up what I love most. It was very difficult, especially in light of the 2019 world Cup, but I weighed all the pros and cons, looked at the situation with a cool head and I understand that I made the right choice.”

Vito can’t imagine his life without Rugby, so he has already taken a coaching course in France.

“I realized that if I love this sport, I can do it in other ways. The entrance exam has already been passed and I will start studying on September 28. In a year I will get a professional coach’s license, so during this period I can work as an assistant coach. It is very important for me to stay in Rugby, because in my life only one stage has ended and the second begins.”

Kolelishvili is known for playing for Lelo, Clermont and Lyon. Victor won the Georgian and French Championships. The third-line forward has 50 games and 4 tries for Lelos. Participant of the 2011 and 2015 World Cups.

Official: Japan national team won’t play a single match in 2020

So decided the country’s Rugby Union.

“This year we will not have international meetings. After our success at the home world Cup, we wanted to conduct tests with first-tier teams. We struggled to find a way to implement the plans, but due to insufficient time to prepare for matches with such opponents and the continuing uncertainty regarding international travel in the face of the pandemic, we decided to cancel all games in 2020, ” commented Japanese Rugby Union Chairman Kensuke Iwabuchi during an online conference on September 14.

Brave petals coach Jamie Joseph agrees with the decision:

“It’s a shame not to play a single match in a year, but safety is the key to success. Of course, we are disappointed, because we planned to continue our journey after a good performance at the world Cup. Participating in the tournament with the Six Nations teams would help our development and allow us to test a few young Rugby players, but I stress that I think this is the right thing to do.”

Iwabuchi also said that the Japanese plan to conduct several tests in early 2021. Negotiations with potential rivals are already underway.