Originally born and raised in Cameroon, Thierry Futeu now plays for the Rugby team. It was a long way, from the day he recklessly jumped over the border fence into this southern European country.
Of Cameroonian nationality, of course the first sport Futeu known was football. But becoming a professional football player in this country is not easy because every boy wants to be like the idol Samuel Eto’o. Want their children to be trained as players, families in Cameroon spend a lot of money on football academies. Many people succeed, and many fail. Futeu, unfortunately, is in the other half of the story

There is no rugby league in Morocco, the other guy just wants to ask him to cross the border to Spain

7 years ago, Futeu was told by a friend to try rugby. But over 3,000km to reach North Africa is not a simple matter for Futeu. He had no money, and even less was allowed by his family to do such a risky thing. Futeu’s father was extremely strict so he had to flee his home by lying to him attending the national championship.
With no money, no contacts, no relatives in Nigeria, Futeu had to borrow a phone to call home. Futeu’s father, angry at the truth, went to the ultimatum: Go home immediately. Futeu, afraid of knowing what would happen to him and his dream if he returned, chose to continue on to Morocco. From Nigeria, he continued on to Niger, then Algeria. In times of no money, he had to walk through the desert on his own.

In Spain, Futeu quickly found a football club that suited him. Less than 5 years from the day he came to live in Southern Europe, he was eligible to play for Spain. Futeu’s crazy dream came true, though at times he thought he almost lost his life to win it.