Rugby is an interesting sport that has a lot of popularity around the globe. The game has some of the most exciting tournaments in sports. These tournaments are held annually. These tournaments are held among rugby powerhouse nations. This is one of the aspects that make these tournament series to be exciting. There are a few nations around the world that are known as rugby powerhouses. A game that features two rugby super-nations is always exciting to watch. Here are some of the greatest rugby world cup nations.

New Zealand

They are also referred to as the All Blacks. Rugby is referred to as the national sport in this country. This country has a total of three Rugby World Cup trophies to their name. The lowest position that this national team has been ranked at is third globally. They are often referred to as the best rugby nation in the world. They are currently second in the world rugby rankings. This country has also produced a number of rugby legends.


Fiji is a country with a great national rugby team. Their best performance in the Rugby World Cup is getting to the quarter-finals. This was in 1987 and 2007. Rugby is the main sport played in this country. This national team has given competition to the likes of New Zealand who are leading in the world.

South Africa

They are also referred to as the Springboks. They are one of the top rugby nations in the world. They offer great competition in tournaments. They are currently ranked as the best rugby team in the world. They won a total of three rugby world cup trophies. They have recently won the Rugby World Cup competition in 2019. They are the best performing rugby nation in the rugby world cup in terms of winning trophies.