The French Rugby Federation regretted Mohamed Awasa – he will take the field as soon as will recover the season.

The Gauls followed the example of England’s Joe Marler and Manu Tuilagi, who were suspended for ten and four weeks respectively after the Six Nations Cup match against Wales. Both players of the Red Roses were also allowed to sit out their suspension in quarantine.

In a statement, the French functionaries write: “We confirm that Mohamed aouas, who received a three-week suspension for striking in the Six Nations Cup match against Scotland in March 2020, can serve this sentence while in self-isolation, and start playing as soon as matches resume.”

The Premiership issued a huge fine to the South African

Sale sharks center Rohan Janse van Rensburg was caught signing a contract with two clubs at once.

Trying to sit on two chairs cost the player 32,500 pounds and two weeks of suspension. The Rugby player managed to sign an agreement with Gloucester, although the terms of the contract with the sharks have not yet expired. Van Rensburg’s agent, Matthew Geaver, will also be punished and will pay 37,50 pounds, as well as undergo a new training course in his profession.

Interestingly, without the knowledge of “sale sharks” the deal could not take place, so the “sharks” will be removed 5 tournament points in the next two seasons, if such a violation of the rules is repeated. Salford residents are also required to pay Gloucester compensation in the amount of 20 thousand pounds.

“There were no lawyers” – Leicester denied rumours of a riot

Athletes did not apply to lawyers because of dissatisfaction with the reduction of salaries, information in the media does not correspond to reality, said representatives of the club.

“We didn’t hire any lawyers. Perhaps someone went to consult, no more. Greg Bateman and Ellis Genge were mentioned in the press, they’re great guys. Greg is actually a member of the players ‘ Union, he gets the information and gives it to us so we can have the full picture before our eyes. They both did a great job, ” said team captain Tom Youngs.

He added that Yes, there was communication between the club’s management and the initiative group of players to understand what is happening in General, what the consequences will be after the salary cut, how it will help the team to endure difficult times.

Head coach Jordan Murphy, who is preparing to move to the position of Director of Rugby, confirmed the fact of the dialogue: “Yes, at first the guys were embarrassed to ask how they would be affected by the salary cut, and what can be done about it, went to consult. But then we honestly sat down and talked together – the Chairman of the Board, the chief Executive, the chief operating officer, myself and the initiative group of players. Everyone expressed their thoughts and expressed a desire to work together to solve the problem and get out of the crisis.”

Reports that Leicester players are hiring a lawyer to sue the club’s management came amid rumors that a conflict is brewing in the Rugby Union − allegedly, some members of the organization want to create a separate structure, because they are dissatisfied with the work of the current RPA Board.