The former All Blacks coach believes five Australian franchises in Super Rugby are bad for the Wallabies.

“It is clear that the Australians want to develop Rugby across the continent, but the fact that strong players are distributed across a large number of teams, first of all, the national team suffers. And in Super Rugby, three teams from Australia will be much more competitive. Let the Australian players gain experience in the domestic competition, and Super Rugby should be played by the strongest, ” Hansen said.

Recall that the epic with the future format of Super Rugby has been going on for months. The Australian side insists that five teams should participate from them, while the new Zealanders are talking about 2-4 franchises from the Green continent and the addition of one team made up of players from the national teams of Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. The same Hansen has previously spoken out much more harshly in the dispute over Super Rugby.

Canada is looking for talent

The Rugby Union of Canada has revised and expanded the search program for potential compilations.

Former “maple leaf” Adam Kleeberger is called to make a breakthrough. It has a dedicated online player database and more than 50 scouts across the country. It is noteworthy that Kleeberger’s team employs former Bath player Scott Hobson, who is in charge of Britain.

Scott has already submitted the closest candidate for naturalization – sale sharks hooker Evan Ashman, who was born in Toronto. Another candidate for the team is new Toronto Arrows scrum – half Jason Higgins, who won the all-Ireland League twice as a member of Cork.

Sergey Yanushkin: Personal statistics are secondary

Lokomotiv’s fly-half commented on his victory in the goalscoring race. The railwaymen captain scored 104 points: four tries, 21 conversions and 14 penalties.

What does it feel like to be the first?

  • Personal statistics are of secondary importance to me. In the first place the result of the command. The main thing is that we win. But it’s nice to see that I realize the moments that are created by joint efforts — ” Sergey said, commenting on his achievement to the club’s press service.

Did you not follow your competitors during the season?

  • Just before the last round, I looked at the ratio of points and watched the matches “Yenisei — – “metallurg”,” VVA ” — “Strela” carefully also for this reason. I watched Ramil hit and Kobus hit.

Did the excitement Wake up?

“No, not really.

In the top three, you were not only the first, but also the only one who scored points not only with shots on goal – you also have four attempts to your credit.

  • It is always nice to try, but I will repeat what I have already said: this is also the result of the work of the entire team.

What is the overall feeling of the regular season?

  • We are very happy that we were the first in the end. It is bad, of course, that we lost the last match. On the other hand, maybe it’s for the best. So, there is something to work on before the playoffs.