All Blacks castle intends to continue the family business, focusing on the family farm in hawke’s Bay at the end of his career.

The whitelocks own 830 hectares of land. The family meat and dairy farm breeds sheep and cows. The business is currently run by Sam’s uncle and aunt, but the castle has been working for almost a decade to make sure that it is as successful on agricultural fields as it is on Rugby fields.

“My wife and I are going to start farming. Even today, we are doing everything necessary to ensure that our transition to a new life is confident and smooth. You know, we are a little scared of statistics. It turns out that the longer a person plays Rugby, the harder it is for them when their career ends.”

“When you are nineteen or twenty years old, you don’t think about the day when you will finish playing. You have goals and dreams and you strive to achieve them. But the reality is that the average length of a professional Rugby player’s career is four years. So much hard work and energy is put into a career that can end very, very quickly. So there’s no time to waste.”

“I myself went through the early stages of my career, when you sit in a small cold apartment and think” Why am I not in a nice warm house? ” – said Sam, answering questions from Staff journalists.

Leads Whitlake to the fact that the game earned the money he invested in the expansion and improvement of family farms. At the same time, without looking up from games, he took up correspondence studies in the agricultural Department of the University of Lincoln. According to the player, he often had to study in hotel rooms.

“I took my exams while traveling all over the world. I received assignments from the University and worked on them while sitting in my room during rest. All the other guys at that time went on tour or doing something like that. Sometimes it was hard, but in the modern game it takes a lot of time to recover and thanks to technology, I coped, ” Sam Whitelock shared the details of his studies.

Interestingly, Whitelock did not stop studying agriculture. He fully admits that after leaving the pitch as a player, he will return to it as a coach and took advantage of the forced break in games to get the appropriate education:

“During the quarantine, Chris king and I wondered: “What should we do?» And they started taking courses of trainers. We have almost finished level 2. there Are a lot of opportunities for self-improvement online, ” Sam said about his success in self-education.

Prematurely, due to a coronacrisis, having finished the season at the Panasonic wild knights, Whitelock is preparing to start the next season at the Crusaders. He may also play for Canterbury in mitre 10 and for the South island national team, if the traditional North-South stand-off is restored in New Zealand.