After victories over Romania and the Netherlands, the Russian men’s and women’s national Rugby teams improved their positions in the World Rugby rankings. We remind that in the men’s European championship, the Russian team in Krasnodar beat Romania 32: 25, and our girls in Amsterdam – the Netherlands team 27: 21. The Russian men’s team has taken three steps up from 24th place and now occupies the 20th place. The Russian women’s team moved from 15th to 14th place, ahead of Kazakhstan.

For men, the rating is led by the South African team, New Zealand is in 2nd place, and England is in 3rd place. The bears ‘ closest rival in the European championship, the Georgian national team, is in 12th place. The women’s team is led by New Zealand, followed by England, and the canadian team closes the top three. The next opponent of the Russians in the European championship is the Spanish team in 10th place.

The match between the Rugby teams of Georgia and Russia will be held without spectators

The match of the 5th round of the 2020 European Rugby championship between Georgia and Russia will be held without spectators. The reason for this decision is the threat of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). “Anyone who has already purchased tickets for the match can contact for damages. Please accept our apologies for this situation. Thank you for your support, ” the press service of the Georgian Rugby Federation said in an official statement. We remind that the match will be held on March 14 in Tbilisi at the Mikhail Meskhi stadium. The initial strike is at 15.00 Moscow time.

Russia’s squad for the match with Georgia

Head coach of the Russian national team Lin Jones named the team for the match of the 5th round of the European championship against Georgia. The meeting will be held on March 14 in Tbilisi at the Mikhail Meskhi stadium. It starts at 15.00 Moscow time.

There were two changes in the offensive line of the Russian national team: instead of Valery Morozov returning to the location of the “sale sharks”, Yevgeny Mishechkin will play in the first line, and Nikita Vavilin will play in the third line from the first minutes instead of Patrice Peki.

In the three-quarter Lin line, Jones made four changes. Instead of Nikita Churashov, Stanislav Bondarev will play in the position of the extreme three-quarter, for whom this will be the first appearance in the starting line-up. In the position of number 15, instead of Ramil Gaisin, who was injured, Vasily Artemyev will come out, who has healed the damage. A pair of Central three-quarter players will be Kirill Golosnitsky and Dmitry Gerasimov, and the second extreme will be played by Daniil Potikhanov. Recall that in the match with Romania, this position was held by Golosnitsky, and in the center of the fan, Vladimir Ostroushko played all 80 minutes.

With the captain’s armband, the team will again be led to the game by Lokomotiv’s striker Viktor Gresev.

Russia’s squad for the match with Georgia

1 Eugene Mishechkin

2 Shamil Magomedov

3 Kirill Gotovtsev

4 Eugene Elgin

5 Yegor Zykov

6 Nikita Vavilin

7 Tagir Hajiyev

8 Viktor Gresev (K)

9 Konstantin Uzunov

10 Yuri Kushnarev

11 Stanislav Bondarev

12 Cyril Golodnitsky

13 Dmitry Gerasimov

14 Daniel Polikanov

15 Vasily Artemyev