Rugby is now an Olympic sport, again. This is after it was returned to the Olympics program in 2016. Rugby had last been part of the Olympics in 1924. The game had only been hosted in the Olympics four times before they stopped hosting it.


The Olympics committee has arranged for a total of 12 nations to take part in this competition. The competition is available for both men and women. Teams taking part in it are naturally targeting the gold medal. It is also great to receive recognition from worldwide competition. This is a great move by the Olympics for it has helped promote rugby.

Rugby at Rio 2016

The rugby competition in Rio Olympics was held over a period of six days. The Olympics were conducted in August 2016. The rugby sevens in the Olympics does not change its rules. All the rules of the game are followed as usual. The tournament involved top rugby nations. The group matches were tough, and only the best teams qualified for the knockout stages.

Only the rugby sevens format was introduced in the competition in the 2016 summer Olympics. This competition will also be available in the 2020 summer Olympics as well.

In the men’s category, Fiji emerged winners of the game’s return to the Olympics games. Australia emerged as the winners of the competition in the women’s category. The teams were placed in three pools. Each pool had a total of four teams. Teams play each other to earn points. Only eight teams qualified to play in the quarter-finals. The knockout stages began here. The winners of the competition were awarded gold medals. The first runners up were awarded silver medals. The second runners up were then awarded the bronze medals.

It was a really great decision to have rugby back in the Olympics, going by the cheers each match received; 2020 will be even better!