When the whole world called a game where each team had 11 people, competing to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal is football, but American football played completely different

Turn on cable, we often see this game and many people could not help wondering: “How to play?” and “Why do Americans love it so much more than football?” Read this article then you can find the answer for yourself

Rugby clubs sprung up like mushrooms in London and nearby cities.

American Football is a game from the United Kingdom. in the middle of the 19th century, On one day in 1823, student William Webb Ellis was upset by the rigid rules of the subject. The football hugs the ball, runs a circuit to the opponent’s court and puts it into the goal (football).

So rugby (born rugby) was born, but it was not until 1871 that the rules of the game were as complete as they are today.

Back then, Rugby clubs sprung up like mushrooms in London and nearby cities. Rugby is played, the players hugging the ball, trying to overcome the opponent’s barrier to how to place the ball behind the boundary line at the end of the opponent’s court.

After that, football only allowed the formation of foot, while Rugby continued to cross the sea to North America, enter Canada, first is the city of Montreal and exists strongly there. The first international Rugby match took place on November 6, 1869 and the Rutgers won the Princeton University team 6-4.
It should be determined that, at this time, Rugby and football developed in parallel with England and other countries in the former continent but the later, the football is famous worldwide, rather than Rugby .

And the United States quickly became the paradise of Rugby and then completely transformed into American football with different rules, later called American professional football.