The Wales striker spoke about how he determined his nationality and shared his view of the upcoming match with the Scarlet Roses.

The 25-year-old Welshman is confident that the outcome of the match can be decided by the difference in the physical parameters of the players. By the way, a similar position before the game with the British was held by the leader of the “Clover” johnny Sexton.

“Everyone knows that the rivalries of the English should be at least equal to them in physics. Otherwise, they have no chance. “Roses” are proud of the fact that they have tall players in the squad. I and my comrades are ready to stop them. The next match is no different from the previous meetings of the Red Dragons. The fact that we will play at Twickenham gives the English a slight advantage, ” Ross said

About his national identity

Moriarty‘s father and uncle also performed internationally. They were both Welsh by birth and had once worn the Cymru national team Rugby caps. However, Ross was born in the English city of St Helens and managed to play for the England U20 team.

“This was an opportunity that I really wanted to take advantage of. It is an exaggeration to say that if I had not followed this path, I would never have been in the Red dragons. That’s not the point. You just need to strive to be the best in everything.”

“I only lived in England for two years. Then I was taken to Morriston, and when I was 16 I moved to Gloucester. Despite the fact that I was born in another country-I consider myself Welsh. But the question of which country I play for a lot more decided the confidence of the coach.”

About his friendship with Underhill and Curry

“When I lived in Gloucester, Sam and I went to the same College. I didn’t really notice it at the time. Sam had to deal with a lot of injuries, so he had to move to Ospreys. He took advantage of the opportunity to prove himself in Wales and thanks to this he got a promotion to the England team.”

“Tom and I often see each other on the pitch in Premiership matches. When I started playing in England, he was a young puppy, but he had a lot of potential, which eventually showed up.”