Top 10 is smoothly catching up on the chart.

There were two postponed matches in the Italian Championship yesterday. In the postponed match of the first round, Petrarca beat Piacenza away (33:11). The hosts resisted only in the first half of the match, having ceased to resist after the break. Thanks to the victory, Petrarch reached the first line in the standings, while having a game in hand relative to the closest pursuers.

The postponed match of the second round between Viadana and Emilia took place in a tighter struggle, but even here the guests were stronger. Emilia’s victory 31:20.

As before, there is not a single team in the Top 10 that has played all the scheduled matches. According to the calendar, each team should have 8 of them.

Tournament table:

  1. Petrarch – 17 points (4 matches), 2. Rovigo – 16 (5), 3. Calvisano – 15 (5), 4. Emilia – 14 (4), 5. Mogliano – 13 (5), 6. Piacenza – 12 (7), 7. Viadana – 11 (6), 8. Colorno – 6 (5), 9. Fiamme Oro – 5 (4), 10. “Mantovani” – 0 (3).

“Harlequins” are not scattered by veterans if they do not want to

Daniel Keir will end his playing career in London.

The Harlequins player, and not so long ago also the England national team, Daniel Keir will renew his contract with the London club, which will allow him to end his career in the team, which he gave more than 14 years.

The one-year contract for the 2021-22 season will be Keir’s last professional deal. To date, the 33-year-old Scrum-Hawa “Harlequins” has 291 matches in the team’s rugby shirt. This means that Keir will be able to overcome the grandmaster milestone of 300 matches for one team this season.

Daniel Keir made his professional rugby debut in 2005 at Leeds and has played for the England national team since 2007, where he has played 84 matches.

Fabien Galtier is the best foreign coach of the year

182 people took part in the announced voting. 63 supported Le Bleu’s mentor, 37 secured second place to Mario Ledesme, 27 chose Eddie Jones. Of the club coaches, Scott Robertson, head coach of the Crusaders, has risen above all. 23 readers voted for it.