Beka Gorgadze: ” It’s fun to live and play Rugby with my friends»

Beka Gorgadze is a Georgian Rugby Union player. His position is Flanker, and he currently plays for Bordeaux in the Top 14 and the Georgia National Team . In an interview with the French edition of Rugby Scapulaire, 24-year-old third-tier Bordeaux player, captain of the Georgian national

Russia’s men’s and women’s national Rugby teams have risen in the World Rugby rankings

After victories over Romania and the Netherlands, the Russian men’s and women’s national Rugby teams improved their positions in the World Rugby rankings. We remind that in the men’s European championship, the Russian team in Krasnodar beat Romania 32: 25, and our girls in Amsterdam – the

Ross Moriarty: “I Consider myself Welsh, even though I played for the English.”

The Wales striker spoke about how he determined his nationality and shared his view of the upcoming match with the Scarlet Roses. The 25-year-old Welshman is confident that the outcome of the match can be decided by the difference in the physical parameters of the players. By

Rugby – the new direction of Chinese sports

October 1 saw a milestone in rugby when the American “specialty” was officially introduced to the Chinese playground. More than 11,500 Chinese have come to watch the opening match of the American-style football championship in China, as a way to kick off American sports in conquering fans

Thierry Futeu: Halfway through … Africa to become a Spanish rugby player

Originally born and raised in Cameroon, Thierry Futeu now plays for the Rugby team. It was a long way, from the day he recklessly jumped over the border fence into this southern European country. Of Cameroonian nationality, of course the first sport Futeu known was football. But

Rugby- The game of strength

When the whole world called a game where each team had 11 people, competing to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal is football, but American football played completely different Turn on cable, we often see this game and many people could not help wondering: “How to

How technology shapes the future of rugby

How technology shapes the future of rugby. Rugby is  probably the most demanding sport of all team contact sports. It is an unhealthy and difficult battle to win that requires a combination of ruthless tactics and brutal ingenuity. Fortunately, technology is here to help with challenges. With

Rugby is coming Asian lands

Choosing Japan as the host of the tournament, the World Rugby Federation aims to conquer a new continent to internationalize the sport, which is very attractive in competition but not yet widely available. A sport with a history of over one hundred years. Since 1886, Rugby has

Why Rugby Is so Popular in Wales

Wales is a nation full of sportsmen and women who take part in different games. Rugby ranks highly in popularity among sports in the country. It is one of the oldest sports in the country. 7s rugby is the most common in this country. The following are

The Greatest Rugby World Cup Nations

Rugby is an interesting sport that has a lot of popularity around the globe. The game has some of the most exciting tournaments in sports. These tournaments are held annually. These tournaments are held among rugby powerhouse nations. This is one of the aspects that make these