The Highlanders ‘ final quarter is close to returning to action.

In November 2018, the winger injured his shoulder, and a few months later underwent a second operation, missing the 2019 World Cup. At the same time, Nee signed a three-year contract with Toulon, but did not play a single match for the French club, which terminated the agreement with the player. As a result, Mylenr-Scudder returned to New Zealand, joining the Highlanders.

According to the highlanders ‘ coach, Aaron major, Nee is already training in the General group and may return to the field in late July or early August.

Japanese club Rugby: reboot

The leaders of the National Union told what principles will be used for the work of the new internal team championship, which will start in the fall of 2021.

First of all, the new Japanese League will have 24 clubs divided into two equal divisions – it will replace the Top League, which had 12 teams, and the Top challenge League, which had 8 teams. According to local media reports, potential participants must submit their applications by March next year. Interestingly, the desire to play in the new League has already been revealed by 25 teams, and half of them are from the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

The championship is open to both corporate teams and independent clubs. Historically, most local franchises were represented by large corporations and were part of their structure – often this hindered growth, as the parent companies limited spending on athletes. And just for corporate clubs, additional requirements are put forward – the commercial Department in them must be separated from the parent structure, and teams are also required to send reports on their financial condition to the League’s management.

Another important innovation is a strict link to your “home” – the name of the district, city, or region that the team represents should be included in the name of the club.

Finally, there is a requirement for the capacity of the arena – it must be at least 15 thousand seats.

However, from the start of the launch of the new League until 2023, there will be a transition period – you can play in smaller stadiums, as well as hold home meetings outside your city.