The coach of Lokomotiv-2, who replaced CSKA Moscow in the Russian Rugby championship-7, about his impressions of the game of the wards.

Maxim, the team found out that they will take part in the tournament at the last moment. It is clear that there was no time to prepare, but nevertheless… Evaluate the performance of your wards.

“Well done, boys. Many have opened up from the best side. They believed not just in themselves, but in the team. I really think it does not even work as a coach and as a psychologist. We even have school children. In General, the guys showed good Rugby. There are moments for which they can be scolded, but we must remember that these competitions were a surprise for us. We only had three full working days to prepare. Still, we were also able to present our own surprises.The biggest, by far, was a draw against Andrew Curtaine’s Zastava, led by former Australia Rugby 7 captain Sam Myers.

– Yes. I heard the audience say: “The kids beat Peter.”

What did you say at halftime? After all, during the first half we lost 0: 17.

– I can’t remember exactly. But it was about playing at the first pace, believing in yourself and understanding that the other team has the same people. You need to control the ball, stretch the defense and not be afraid. That’s all.

What didn’t work out in the match for the ninth place? After all, the chances were good.

– We lost the initiative by giving up our static. This is unforgivable. That’s what they paid for. But in General, the pattern of the game was saved. Although some people took too much initiative, which they shouldn’t have done either, because only the team wins. A single team.

Can we say that the Penza stage of the sevens was a rehearsal for the team before the November Rugby 7 Cup of Russia?

– Yes, and the rehearsal was good. Now the main thing is that self-confidence does not turn into self-confidence.