The wife of Lawrence Dallaglio will be very upset when she finds out what her husband does in his spare time.
Famous English ex-Rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio was caught spending about 10 thousand pounds in a London brothel that offered visitors elite prostitutes and cocaine.

According to the Daily Star, in July last year, the London police covered up a brothel located in the city center. Dallaglio’s name appeared in the case after the police broke through all banking transactions between visitors to the institution and its owners.

It turned out that in March 2019, the former athlete and exemplary family man (Dallaglio has a wife) made four transactions for a total of 10550 pounds. In particular, 7550 of them were transferred to the account of 22-year-old Romanian Alexandra Galis.

It is not yet established whether Dallaglio actually visited the brothel or whether His Bank card was stolen.

In 2003, Dallaglio won the Rugby world Cup with the England national team.
In the final match, the British defeated the tournament hosts, the Australians, with a score of 20: 17.

England Rugby player grabs opponent’s groin, faces up to four years ban

The Wales captain did not appreciate the gentle touch and publicly demanded that the offender be punished.
England beat Wales in the six Nations Cup match with a score of 33: 30, but after the game, the discussion was not about the victory of the “red-whites”.

In one of the episodes of the meeting, the Englishman Joe Marler grabbed the penis of the Welsh captain Alan VIN Jones.

“If I react, I will get a red one. I hope the Rugby authorities take a look at this episode. Joe is a good guy… but there is a video of this moment , and many fans saw what happened , ” the sun quotes the victim as saying .

According to the rules of Rugby, “grabbing, twisting or squeezing the scrotum” is punishable by a suspension of 12 weeks to four years.
Wales-last year’s winner of the tournament.