Recall that Manu was one of five Leicester players who refused to sign new truncated contracts. This fact caused a big scandal in England, because Tuilagi attracted the attention of the British media, which match him anywhere. The last “duck” came from the sun, which claims that the seils sharks are negotiating with the rebel player.

However, the sporting Director of the Manchester club, Steve diamond, completely denies this claim. He says that such rumors are born because of the financial capabilities of the “Sharks”, which allow you to sign players of the caliber of Tuilagi. He also publicly said that he personally knows Manu’s agent and believes that He did not involve them in any behind-the-scenes games.

Manu himself found himself in a difficult situation: on the one hand, his annual salary of 500 thousand pounds will not frighten Japanese or French clubs, but leaving abroad will put an end to performances for the England national team.

There is also a more radical option – to sign a new contract with any English club, and compensate for the difference by filing a lawsuit against Leicester…

We are following the development of events.

Mike Brown: How did we end up in this mess?

The Harlequins fullback has spoken publicly about cutting wages in English Rugby.

“It was inevitable… In the end, wages collapsed, but on the other hand, they grew all the previous years, so this is a natural result.

However, it’s not so much the salary cap that upsets me, but the way it was done… We were kept in the dark for two months and if Harlequins closed the questions, then the situation of uncertainty remains in other clubs.

Again, I agree that we need to cut costs to keep the clubs afloat, but I don’t understand how we ended up in such a mess. How could a superstar like Manu Tuilagi be left without a club? How?

And if such players are broken through the knee, what can we say about the guys who do not receive income with six zeros? Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Rugby players do not contain a garage filled with a Ferrari!

I, for example, have heard of players who have sold their cars… I know a Rugby player who will have to put the house up for sale if the salary cuts continue after August… And such cases are not isolated…

Therefore, my main question remains unchanged – how did we end up in such a mess?