Los Pumas locks Guido petty and Thomas Lavanini will continue their careers in the French championship.

After the current Super Rugby season was suspended due to COVID-19, the Haguares gave their players a free choice. Bordeaux is interested in the services of the 25-year-old petty. The President of the French club confirmed that he plans to strengthen the second line of scrimmage, and Guido is one of his main goals.

In the acquisition Lavagnini, now playing for Leicester, is interested “Stade Francais”, which the head coach is the former coach of “Jaguares” Gonzalo Quesada. It is interesting that earlier failed in negotiations with the aforementioned Guido petty.

Yuri Kushnarev and Vyacheslav Krasilnik: “we Need to get used to the new rules»

Fly-half and Krasny Yar’s lock commented on the team’s first loss of the season against Slava.

“Our contact game went wrong. Slava played a little more aggressively, we played the second number. I believe that we didn’t kick enough in the first half, played in our own half, made mistakes, lost the ball, and Slava easily moved to our half, earned penalties and points. Maybe I should have kicked more goals. There was one moment when the ball was right in front of the goal, but we decided to play it, and this decision was wrong, ” Yuriy Kushnarev believes.

At the same time, Yuri remains optimistic: “Yes, the season started crumpled, there were no full-fledged matches, there were no matches with the referee, and now there are new rules… This, of course, does not excuse us – we all need to adapt, the next game is in five days, we have to prepare in a different way, show the best Rugby, and this match was, to put it mildly, not the best.”

“This was the first game, many mistakes were made unnecessary. Plus the new rules, we haven’t adjusted to them yet. The game stopped very much, we could not rebuild, we need time to draw conclusions, adjust to new circumstances, ” says Vyacheslav Krasilnik.