The winger of Strela and the Russian national team summed up the season for himself and his team.

About working with J.P. Neal:
“He is really at odds with the generally accepted image of a coach in Russia. He jokes a lot during training. I like that he feels well the edge when you need to start a team or, on the contrary, to reduce the pressure on the players. This is probably what Russian coaches sometimes lack. Does he joke in Russian? No, he speaks Russian so far only bad words. “

About the position of “Arrow” in the standings:
“I think we had to be higher with our selection of players. Sixth place is the minimum task that was set for the team. If we had not coped with it, the season could be called a failure. I still don’t understand how we sometimes lacked two or three points in every match. “

About the Russian national team:
“Usually the December camp is aimed at physical training. But this year it turned out that we did not have enough test matches and gaming experience. Therefore, a game against the national team of clubs was added at the end of the year, which probably made our life easier. “

About plans for 2021:
“For the club, the main goal for the next year, even at the end of this season, is to reach the semifinals and fight for medals. Yes, it will be difficult, we are faced with a serious opponent, but there are no simple teams in the playoffs. I would also very much like to get into the main squad of the Russian national team and gain a foothold in it. And, of course, I want to win the European Championship together with the national team and qualify for the World Cup. “