Injuries continue to mercilessly mow Andy Farrell’s charges.

The first blow to the Ireland squad was a serious injury to Harry Ringrose – the rugby player was diagnosed with a fractured jaw. Now the situation in the Irish camp has worsened due to injuries of two team leaders – Johnny Sexton and Rob Hanshaw.

The Cloverns fly-hav left the field during the match against Wales without playing even half an hour. Doctors diagnosed a hamstring strain. Thus, we will definitely not see Sexton on Twickenham. Now Andy Farrell has something to think about. Sexton can be replaced by Ross Byrne or Joey Carbury.

The battle with the “Red Dragons” was also not given to Rob Hanshaw for free. It was replaced with adductor spasm – persistent tension of the adductor femoris muscle. By the way, participation in the match against England is questionable for Bill Burns.

Nikoloz Kazalikashvili: “I like it in Russia, but here it is snowing, and I haven’t bought a down jacket yet”

The Strela column told the press service of his former club Rennes about the move to Russia.

After six seasons in France, you decided to discover Russian rugby. How did this happen?

  • I grew up in Georgia, but was born in Russia and speak Russian. I have never played there, but my friend, who plays for Strela himself, told me that this is a promising project. We quickly found a common language with the head coach – a South African. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to play with my third-party friend and be closer to my family.

How were your first months with the team?

  • The club has gathered real professionals, honest and open people. I am glad that I was able to quickly join the team. The trainings are very similar to those in France. My shoulder that bothered me at Rennes seemed to have calmed down. Physically speaking, I had to work hard after seven months without playing. By the way, it was important to get used to the synthetic surface of the field. I’m hungry for the game and glad that I managed to play in six games.

What is rugby in the Russian championship?

  • Very, very physically demanding. There are quite a few New Zealanders, South Africans, and local players who focus on strength. In Strela we play in a forceful manner and I really like it.

What’s going on at the club now?

  • Right now we are not playing, we have a rest until February. Our season is divided into two parts: regular and playoffs. We want to become the best club in the country, so we work very hard. I am glad that I came to Russia. The only thing is that it is very cold there, snow is falling, and I have not bought myself a down jacket yet.

Do you have fond memories of France?

  • I still have the opportunity to return. After spending six years in France, I miss the country. Difficult to explain, but it feels good. I still talk to Kevin Aparicio, Atonio Ulutuipalelei and Patrick Tuugahala. So I’m aware of everything that happens at Rennes.

What can we wish you for the next few months?

  • Health. And I wish you good health. This is especially important now.