Today on the website of the French “Castra” released a statement: “We regret to inform you that Seme Kunatani has not met the minimum medical requirements of the National Rugby League and therefore will not be able to play for the club. Castres regrets this situation and wishes The Kunatani family all the best.”

And now to the crux of the matter. Fiji national Rugby Union and Rugby 7 player Seven Kunatani, who has played for English side Harlequins without much success for the past two years, moved to French side Castres in June this year. But he never played a single match for the new team, as the LNR deemed the reigning Olympic Rugby 7 champion unfit to perform at a high level of the Top 14.

This message is even more strange when you remember that Cunatani already played in France for Toulouse from 2015 to 2018.

Most likely, here lies the reluctance of the French side to host the Fiji national team, which has long been time to start preparing for the Autumn Cup of Nations. Initially, the bats planned to hold a training camp in France. But now, when the country again tightens the rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19, extra guests are not welcome there.

And here is the result. In order to prevent Fiji from training in France, “Cabinet” Rugby players deprive one of the players of this team of the opportunity to play for the club with which he signed a full-fledged contract.

Some theater of absurdity, especially when you remember that the national teams of France and Fiji will meet in the Autumn Cup of Nations on November 15.

How Laporte was elected

Recall that Monsieur Bernard defeated his opponent Florian Grill by a microscopic margin – 51.47% against 48.53%.

I was, however, greatly puzzled by the numbers. What is this 51.47%? How many people are there? Where does this accuracy come from? Well, I thought the old man was doing something wrong again. I delved into the topic and it turned out that such results are due to electronic voting.

Moreover, for its implementation, the French Federation forms a Commission that includes two co-Directors of the FIU, two representatives of Voxaly responsible for organizing the vote, a bailiff and three members of the Commission for the supervision of electoral operations (CSOE).

Of course, the Protocol is signed by all members of the Commission, and even more – a special release is being prepared, which explains why the voting results turned out exactly like this. This piece of paper just says why 51.47%, but it is, alas, only available to members of the elected General Assembly.

So, this is not for you to raise your hands, gentlemen. This Is Franse Federacion.