We tell the story of the thorny path to the dream of the England women’s rugby sevens’ hooker Heather Fisher, whose rugged appearance hides a delicate nature and incredible willpower.

“I grew up in Birmingham. When I turned 13, my parents divorced, and I did not communicate with my father for about five years. Then I started anorexia. A difficult period of life, growing up and only rugby saved me. “


Age: 32
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Position: flanker (classic rugby), hooker (rugby sevens)
Nationals: England (2009 -, 27 games), England Rugby 7s (2009 -, 13 tournaments and 24 attempts)
Club: Worcester (2014 -)
“Once my condition worsened so much that I spent about a year in the hospital. Once a nutritionist asked if I had a dream. I replied that I want to become a professional athlete. Then I realized for the first time that it was necessary to start eating in order to achieve a result. After the very first training in the rugby team, I felt a sense of a single whole. But I was catastrophically unable to make captures. I failed to act in defense and lost my confidence. “

World Rugby 7 Series:

60 matches
120 points
24 attempts
1 yellow card

“I decided to try myself in another sport and switched to bobsleigh. After gaining physical condition and regaining faith in my strength, I again went to rugby, missed the team atmosphere very much. Thanks to hard training, she achieved excellent results and got to the 2009 World Cup. After qualifying for the national rugby-7 team, a few months later she was kicked out of the game for a year and a half. It was terrible. I have had five spinal fractures. Spent an unimaginable amount of time in a cast. And worst of all, my hair began to fall out. Just in shreds. All because of the stress I had to face. I was forced to shave my bald head. It was incredibly difficult to make this decision. “

20 points
4 attempts
11 clean breakouts
38 grips

“I still want to be part of the team, I love rugby and I love rugby. It is a great honor for me to wear the national team rugby jacket. These are the best moments of my life. “

Heather Fischer made her debut for England in 2009, won the Rugby World Cup in 2014, and finished fourth in the Rugby Sevens at the 2016 Rio Olympics with the UK national team. In the current season of the World Series of Rugby-7 she played in Dubai, Sydney, Kitakyushu and scored four attempts.