Dan Palmer became the first gay rugby player in Australia’s history.

Palmer played only one game for Wallabis in 2012 against Scotland and is best known for his performances for Varatas and Brambis in Super Rugby. He also stopped shortly at the French “Grenoble”.

“I despised myself and my life. I was constantly depressed. I dreamed of just disappearing, changing my name and starting anew. To be honest, then I thought it was better to just die than to admit to everyone that I was gay. In the end, I cried bitterly every night until I fell asleep. Only a cocktail of various opioids helped to hammer mental anguish, “said Dan Palmer.

After receiving a serious injury, the rugby player ended his professional career. But while still a Grenoble player, he grabbed an overdose of painkillers and “woke up with what I ate yesterday.” Then Palmer decided to go to London and reveal his secret to one of his friends. From that moment on, the life of the former Wallabis pillar began to improve. And now he dared to come out in public.

The 2020 Six Nations Cup final deciding the fate of a third party

France – Ireland
October 31. Paris. “Stade de France”. Beginning at 22:10 Kiev time, 23:10 Moscow time, 00:10 Tbilisi time.

The intrigue before the last round is simply feast for the eyes. The Irish are in the lead with fourteen points, followed by the French and the British with one point less. Perhaps, “Scarlet Roses” is the easiest of all in this trio. They will finish their meeting in Rome six hours before the match in Paris, and there is little doubt that they will take their five points in the duel with Italy. At the same time, Eddie Jones’ charges need to win as big as possible, and we will explain why below.

So, assuming England will beat the Italians with a bonus, then Ireland will most likely also need a bonus victoria to win the title. However, the bonus may not be needed. The tournament regulations state: if the teams have an equal number of points in the standings, then the champion is the one with the best goal / conceded difference. At the “Clover” it is now +38, while at the “Scarlet Roses” +15, and at “Le Bleu” +13. This is by the way of why the Eddie Jones guys need to bring the Italians as much as possible.

As you can imagine, France has the most difficult situation. It is necessary not only to win with a bonus, but also to gain a lot of points, and Ireland is Italy for you: the Gallic Roosters have not beat the Greens since 2016, at the same time, no one has won against the French in the current season at the Stade de France …

In short, the battle in Paris is expected to be serious and, oddly enough, England may emerge as the winner of the France-Ireland confrontation.