Beka Gorgadze is a Georgian Rugby Union player. His position is Flanker, and he currently plays for Bordeaux in the Top 14 and the Georgia National Team .

In an interview with the French edition of Rugby Scapulaire, 24-year-old third-tier Bordeaux player, captain of the Georgian national team Beka Gorgadze spoke about the difficulties he faced starting his career in France:

“I arrived at the Mont de Marsan when I was eighteen years old and it was not easy for me. I went to France on my own, leaving my home and family behind. Besides, there were no Georgians in this club. In many clubs in France, several players play at once, but I was “unlucky”in this sense. At the same time, it was a very interesting experience. Try to imagine a situation like this – you go to sleep in your home, and Wake up somewhere far away all alone. At first, of course, it was difficult. But it was my choice and what I always wanted to do. It was necessary to overcome this difficult period and move forward. At Mont-de-Marsan, I studied French and played Rugby at the same time. This allowed me to make rapid progress.”

Today Beka Gorgadze plays for Bordeaux, in the company of three other Georgian colleagues:

“To get into the kind of family circle that was waiting for me at Bordeaux was just great and it really helped me adapt to the team. The other players also helped a lot. But the main difference from “Mont-de-Marsan” was that there are three more Georgians – Lasha Tabidze, Lexo Kaulashvili and his brother Saba. Last year there were five of us together with Irakli tskadadze. This plays an important role in our lives. Outside of Bordeaux, we spend a lot of time together, we are always together. I am very happy to live and play Rugby with my friends.”