In addition to the club, Boden also updated his personal achievement in the Bronco test.

This fitness test is used to determine the aerobic endurance of athletes.
At the first training session, the Blues players ran segments 204060. That is, 20 meters-return, 40 meters-return, 60 meters-return, and so on five times in a row.

Barrett with a score of 4.12 minutes, just two seconds ahead of teammate Jono Ruru.

The Blues ‘ coaching staff reported that eight personal bests were set during this training session.

Players and management of “Castra” went on a salary reduction

Olympique became the first French club to make such a move.

Rugby players will have their salaries cut by 15%, and team managers by 20%.

“Under the circumstances, all the players showed a sense of responsibility and solidarity. This is important when Rugby players demonstrate their commitment to the club and their desire to make their own contribution,” commented Castres President Pierre – Yves Revol.

Fish is the perfect product for a Rugby player’s recovery

The chef of “Harlequins” and the England national team Omar Mezain about what the players of “Scarlet Roses” use.

“Fish is great for reducing joint inflammation and reducing the risk of heart disease. Pollock or salmon are indispensable for recovery, especially during the off-season, when the load is maximum, and at the end of the year, when fatigue has accumulated. This is not to mention the presence of protein, fat and useful nutrients in fish, ” explains Mezain.

Spices and even spicy foods are an excellent addition to fish.

“We usually prepare two fillets per player weighing 160-180 grams. It can be seasoned with sea salt and white pepper. Also add one shallot, one lemongrass stalk, two red chilies and two garlic cloves. To all this set, add sliced vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli or sweet potatoes. To taste, you can add turmeric, ginger and curry sauce.”

According to harlequins nutritionist David Dunn, even for professional players, it’s not easy to develop the habit of following the diet as much as possible, so everything takes time.