The Australian specialist highlighted all the competitive moments that occur after a player contacts the ball with a defender.

Competition in capture: technical and tactical skills
Tip #1. Define the concept of competition in capture

The result of the capture can be seen in a breakdown or already formed cancer:

Shannon Fraser said that if the player with the ball was able to overcome the advantage line or pass the ball at least a meter after contact with the exciting player, after which the player with the ball was saved, then the Rugby player who performed the capture lost the competition in the capture.
If, on the contrary, after contact, a player with the ball fell to the ground, approaching his goal line after contact, then the competition was lost by the player with the ball, who after such a capture may well take the ball away on the ground.

Tip #2. Take into account the features of technical elements and their role in capturing

Attack: the player with the ball must be accompanied by support, it is their work that will determine in many ways who will win the competition.
– Bullet (first arriving player): Must predict first where the player will land in order to save it.

– Ball (second arriving player): the First player must occupy a space 40 cm above the ball to remove all interference and help save the first arriving player and close access to the game projectile.

– Jackler-the first must take the space above the ball and go to the selection, remaining on his feet.

– Soldier-attacks the space above the ball or between the Bullet and the ball, but tries to avoid a penalty by taking a strong position and staying on his feet

– Reload (reload) – takes a place that needs to be closed in the line of defense in the immediate distance from the cancer.

Tip #3. Understanding the application of tactical skills and determining the capture strategy

On both sides, the success of a takeover is determined not by the takeover itself, but by the reaction of support.

The most important thing is not the capture and formation of the cancer, but the game plan from the breakdown, which ball (fast or slow) you will play in a particular zone. Who should be included in the further attack, and how it will develop.

Tip #4. Effective training to improve your grip

Combine grabbing exercises with the work of incoming players, constantly increasing the intensity and number of repetitions, so that players do not forget about all the tactical duties on the field when they are tired.

Tip #5. Evaluation of the efficiency of capture

At the end of the match, analyze not just the number of captures made per game, but also their effectiveness, who won the competition, when you were in attack or defense. Put an emphasis on this for the Rugby players to motivate them to complete each phase fully.

Shannon Fraser heads the Waratahs ‘ Rugby Academy and is also an assistant coach for the Australian Junior national team.