Rugby- The game of strength

When the whole world called a game where each team had 11 people, competing to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal is football, but American football played completely different Turn on cable, we often see this game and many people could not help wondering: “How to

How technology shapes the future of rugby

How technology shapes the future of rugby. Rugby is  probably the most demanding sport of all team contact sports. It is an unhealthy and difficult battle to win that requires a combination of ruthless tactics and brutal ingenuity. Fortunately, technology is here to help with challenges. With

Rugby is coming Asian lands

Choosing Japan as the host of the tournament, the World Rugby Federation aims to conquer a new continent to internationalize the sport, which is very attractive in competition but not yet widely available. A sport with a history of over one hundred years. Since 1886, Rugby has

Why Rugby Is so Popular in Wales

Wales is a nation full of sportsmen and women who take part in different games. Rugby ranks highly in popularity among sports in the country. It is one of the oldest sports in the country. 7s rugby is the most common in this country. The following are

The Greatest Rugby World Cup Nations

Rugby is an interesting sport that has a lot of popularity around the globe. The game has some of the most exciting tournaments in sports. These tournaments are held annually. These tournaments are held among rugby powerhouse nations. This is one of the aspects that make these

Rugby World Cup 2019: How it Happened

The most recent rugby world cup was held in 2019. It was held between the months of September and November. This competition is held every four years. This year’s rugby world cup was held in Japan, which was the first Asian country to host the competition. The

Rugby Returns to the Olympics: How It Went down in Rio 2016

Rugby is now an Olympic sport, again. This is after it was returned to the Olympics program in 2016. Rugby had last been part of the Olympics in 1924. The game had only been hosted in the Olympics four times before they stopped hosting it. Composition The

Punters’ Favourite Team to Win the World Rugby 7s Series in 2020

The world rugby 7s series is held annually and has been around since the 1999-2000 series. This will be the 21st series since its inauguration. It comprises of 15 core teams and one invited team. The sixteen teams are pooled into four pools of four teams each.

Greatest Rugby Players in the UK

Rugby in the United Kingdom is a great sport and has been played in the country for many years. Over those years, the sport has seen the rise of various talents that have grown to become legends in the country winning several club, international and individual titles.

Five Players with the Most Tries in the Rugby 7s World Series

The Rugby 7s World Series was first played in the 1999-2000 season. This competition involves high-level rugby nations. It consists of a series of tournaments held throughout the season. It has very high-profile rugby players too. The race to be the top player in this competition is